Wondering why you should choose MoveGenius? Find out why below.

When should you ask MoveGenius for help?

We recommend agents get in touch as soon as a sellers property is listed for sale.

Are MoveGenius a law firm?

No, we enable seamless onboarding at the point of listing so that your team can provide the best customer service to your sellers.

Why should I choose MoveGenius?

Reduce fall through rates by half, cut the time to exchange by 40% and reduce wasted legal costs.

When do you initiate searches?

Searches will be inititaed at the point of listing - the price of these will be covered by the buyer. Additionally sellers will be covered by our home seller protection warranty for fees incurred.

Is MoveGenius free?

We charge estate agents on a subscription basis depending on the number of transactions per month. You will also benefit from additional revenue through our add on products.

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